It Takes A Village (Co-op)

United Nations General Secretary António Guterres says:

We will get through this time, together.  And through co-operation, we will recover and rebuild.  Stay healthy and safe, and know that solidarity and caring for one another is key to more resilient, sustainable, and inclusive communities now and into the future.

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January 2020
The Co-op’s Back and We Are Here for You!

Our Co-op has a new lease on life and is once again a vital hub in our community. Our doors are open and they will stay that way. We have a talented and dedicated new Board of Directors, a devoted interim General Manager, and our volunteer force is nothing short of amazing, and MOST importantly… you are shopping.  Thank you for an amazing show of support! Now more than ever, we know we are really all in this together.


It’s no secret that our Co-op is in serious debt.

A critical aspect of this debt is that our primary vendors were not paid during 2019 and stopped delivering to us.

Over the past couple of months, two of our core volunteers have literally been shopping daily for groceries and bringing them into the store to sell! At first this was great and was enough. It is no longer anywhere near enough.  Our volunteers can’t keep up with the shopping regime and we need more and larger deliveries to keep the shelves fully stocked. 

The only way we can keep up with demand and provide the goods and services our community needs is with everyone’s help. In order to enlist the services of our valuable vendors we need to pay them. 

It’s that simple.

Help us get this done. Lets work together and keep our Coop alive. It is for all of us.

Shop. Join. Donate. Volunteer.

  • The shelves are stocked
  • The Co-op is a safe, local, friendly place to shop
  • Members make it happen! A lifetime membership is only $170 link to membership page
  • We need $100,000 to pay off vendor debt and make capital improvements so we can reduce waste and function more efficiently.  Please consider an extra gift to nourish our Co-op. Donate at the store, online through gofundme or send a check to Leverett Village Coop 180 Rattlesnake Gutter Rd, Leverett MA 01054
  • Volunteers keep our expenses down-at the register, in the kitchen, office work, cleaning, groundskeeping. Volunteering is fun and rewarding. Contact Sam Black

Check out the Wall of Champions, a display of appreciation on the Co-op bulletin board.



Please email Sam Black if you have additional ideas about how you’d like to be a hero or heroine for the Co-op.