The Board meets the  4th Wednesdays of each month at 7pm

 Board of Directors as of March 2021

Samuel Black – President

Jono Neiger – Vice President

 Kari Ridge – Clerk

Jean Bergstrom

Lori Lynn Hoffer

Lise Coppinger

Martin Pittman

Danielle Barshak

MaryJo Johnson

2021 Board Updates

Newly elected Board members include Kari Ridge and MaryJo Johnson. Karen Traub and Jeff Lacy have stepped down and will be missed. The Board will now be meeting the 4th Wednesday of every month along with General Manager John Calhoun.


2020 Board Updates

At the Wednesday night February 5th Co-op meeting the Board proposed a vote by members to dissolve the Co-op. New Board members and others attending said “no” to that proposal. Instead, there was consensus in favor of delaying such a motion to be considered at a Special Member Meeting.

Thus on February 19th 40 Coop members attended the board meeting and with a resounding Yay! accepted the motion NOT to dissolve the Coop. Thanks to a generous loan from Sam Lovejoy and the generosity of volunteers Paul Rosenberg and Patty Townsend along with many others, the shelves are again stocked and the co-op moves forward. 

Each week brings new challenges as we face financial difficulties as well as a global pandemic. The good news is, the Coop is more important to our community than ever for safe private shopping, and many members have changed their shopping habits and returned. The cafe is open for delicious breakfast and lunch takeout and Friday night pizza is busier than ever. Bread is again being baked thanks to Liam whose last name is appropriately Boulanger which means baker.

Bylaws of the Co-op 1/23/19 (pdf)
Minutes from board meetings can be found on Documents page