Leverett Village Co-op Vision

As a consumer-owned cooperative, we share a vision of people working together to improve our social and economic well-being, and to produce and consume what we need through institutions that contribute to the social and economic power of local communities.

Mission Statementt
The Village Co-op exists as an alternative economic structure.   It offers an opportunity for more democratic, participatory relationships in the market-place among workers, consumers, and owners.  The Co-op is owned by its members/stockholders, and serves their interests, as well as the interest of surrounding communities.  Healthy foods, education, and a community center are among the special contributions the co-op can provide to the community.

Our Values

To promote the cooperative principles of:

  • Open Membership
  • Democratic Control
  • Limited Return on Investment and Return of Surplus to Members in the Community
  • Autonomy and Independence
  • Education of Members and the Community
  • Co-operation among Co-ops
  • Concern for Community and Sustainable Development

To foster democracy in ownership and participation in governance and management.

To enhance the quality of our products and services through a commitment to continuous improvement in all that we do.

To develop and nurture regional, organic, and sustainable agriculture.

To build and maintain our financial strength necessary for us to pursue our mission and strategic goals.

To create a safe, healthy, friendly, and meaningful workplace.

To conduct our business in an environmentally conscious manner.

To be actively aware of and responsive to the concerns of the communities which we serve.