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Shop. Eat. Drink. Meet. Greet.

The Leverett Village Co-op – the little gem in the woods that keeps on shining. We’re a 30-year-old co-op that’s one-part history and two parts transformation and innovation!
Open 7 days a week from 7-7 for members and non-members alike (but you can join anytime) – we can’t wait to see you!

Healthy Co-op COVID Response

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Regular Events

Friday Pizza  Still making great pizza for you to order as take-out from 5-7pm! Call in order, early helps, 367-9794.

Sunday Brunch 
Postponed while we weather the COVID-19 storm. We will look forward to gathering together in the future.

Thank you to all the wonderful local musicians who have graced our pizza nights and brunches with great music!

A busy week at your Co-Op


A great day of the week to stock up on your grocery, beer & wine needs!


Hoping to revive the Wednesday night guest chef dinners soon!


Pizza Pie Night and the Bar is open so you can linger till 8pm. Local musicians add to the fun!


New Breakfast & Lunch Menus: hearty breakfast and lunch sandwiches (like the very popular tempeh reuben), seasonal salads, tempting desserts


Breakfast starts at 8am, then BRUNCH at 11am. Musicians enhance our popular community gathering time, beginning at 12:30pm!

Leverett Village Co-op Needs Your Help!

The Co-op has come so far! Close to dissolving in December 2019, our new 2020 board has infused the co-op with life! With help from the board and volunteers and friends we are working to stock the shelves, pay our vendors, continue great food in the cafe, organize events and make the co-op your friendly community destination. 


Will you help us? Here are a few concrete ways you can help in the meantime:

  1. We need you to come in and shop, please increase the amount you purchase, and visit more frequently.
  2. We have launched a capital campaign and you’ll be hearing from that committee soon. You can lend or donate to the fund and/or help to bring other donors to the campaign. To find out more about the capital campaign click here to contact Karen Traub.
  3. Enjoy our events and fundraisers:  in addition to musical friday pizza night and sunday brunch we are making plans for Paint&Wine nights, Travelogue presentations, reviving THE SPRING FLING, and more. Look for flyers in store, sign-up for our e-newsletter, and check our website for updates on events and gatherings.
  4. Become a business member and we will promote your business.
  5. Become a member of the co-op and keep dollars and jobs local.
  6. Eat breakfast and lunch weekly. Bring your group or club in for a meal and/ or to buy our delicious pastries.
  7. Be our champion – donate, time, talent, services, or materials.